A Silent Rebellion

I'm not really the King of England, I just like to act as if I'm that important to this country...

Because I am.

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I'm a latent Creativity Bomb

For as long as I remember, I've been looking for a new way of doing things. I'm a sucker for efficiency and a lapdog for quality.
Oh, and, I am a firm disbeliever of the coincidental.
Maybe, on this blog, if you're lucky, by the King's Authority, you MIGHT find one or two of my "creative" pieces on the Portfolio and Musings pages (hint hint hint)!

... that very much LIKES being latent

While I've been in a lot of places, I don't quite think I've gotten to a single place worth staying as yet. At the moment I'm busy doing what I have to do. I'll do what I want to do later.

Let's call it a boss level waiting game.

...because honestly, it's difficult

No doubt life comes with its challenges and boy have I had my share already. Being an eccentric doesn't help deter them, not in the least.
But I digress. I love it when people can relate to my experiences so be sure to find yourself on the Musings page, you might find a hat that fits both our heads.

...to make that much ado about nothing.

All this talk about myself is wearing me out. Gentlemen, do feel welcome to share bits of yourselves with me as well. All my blog posts are open for commentary. I like comments. I like replying to said comments. I like talking to people, even though I've never considered myself an extrovert. It's so much easier to communicate in words. My fingers are manly, as a result. *flexes finger muscles*

In general I'm an easy-going, fun-in-moderation-loving, idea hoarding, (definitely not a) people person, and I feel good having a little corner of the internet to call my own.

I dabble in everything because there's nothing much I feel I cannot do. I love art, I love logic. I love science and I love philosophy. As long as you like to think in general, I don't see a reason why you wouldn't enjoy wasting your time reading this blog.

Welcome. I sincerely hope you find it suitable to remain here a little longer.

-Crystal T.